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Item No: FES769037 Stock: In Stock
Festool Guide extension PL 400 M14/M14 Order number: FES769037 Model: PL 400 M14/M14 ....
R 736.93
Ex VAT:R 640.81
Item No: FES769091 Stock: In Stock
Festool Adapter AD-EF-M14/80 ErgoFix Order number: FES769091 Model: AD-EF-M14/80 ErgoFix ....
R 627.44
Ex VAT:R 545.60
Item No: FES769150 Stock: In Stock
Items Includedin self-service display packCommercial InformationNet weight 0,059 kg Gross weight 0,059 kg Country of origin CZ PU 1 SU 1Quantity In Pack1....
R 404.35
Ex VAT:R 351.61
Item No: FES769151 Stock: In Stock
Festool Adapter MAI M14-M14 Order number: FES769151 Model: MAI M14-M14 ....
R 457.26
Ex VAT:R 397.62
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