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Accessories for long-reach sanders

Item No: FES495167 Stock: In Stock
Festool Brush strip BE-LHS 225 Order number: FES495167 Model: BE-LHS 225 ....
R 1,811.94
Ex VAT:R 1,575.60
Item No: FES495168 Stock: In Stock
Items Includedin self-service display packTechnical DetailsDiameter 215 mmCommercial InformationNet weight 0,386 kg Gross weight 0,386 kg Country of origin CZ PU 1 SU 1IndustryWood, PainterQuantity In Pack1....
R 3,454.21
Ex VAT:R 3,003.66
Item No: FES201895 Stock: In Stock
Festool Sanding pad ST-STF-D215/8-LHS-E Order number: FES201895 Model: ST-STF-D215/8-LHS-E ....
R 3,037.22
Ex VAT:R 2,641.06
Item No: FES496106 Stock: In Stock
Festool Sanding pad ST-STF-D215/8-IP-LHS 225 Order number: FES496106 Model: ST-STF-D215/8-IP-LHS 225 ....
R 4,145.06
Ex VAT:R 3,604.40
Item No: FES496911 Stock: In Stock
Festool Carrying harness TG-LHS 225 Order number: FES496911 Model: TG-LHS 225 ....
R 8,610.33
Ex VAT:R 7,487.24
Out Of Stock
Item No: FES202546 Stock: Out Of Stock
Festool Sanding pad ST-STF-D215/8-LHS 225-SW Order number: FES202546 Model: ST-STF-D215/8-LHS 225-SW ....
R 3,714.32
Ex VAT:R 3,229.84
Item No: FES495166 Stock: In Stock
Festool Brush segment BS-LHS 225 Order number: FES495166 Model: BS-LHS 225 ....
R 1,092.39
Ex VAT:R 949.90
Item No: FES495169 Stock: In Stock
Festool Guide extension VL-LHS 225 Order number: FES495169 Model: VL-LHS 225 ....
R 8,061.85
Ex VAT:R 7,010.30
Item No: FES496140 Stock: In Stock
Festool Interface pad IP-STF-D215/8/2x Order number: FES496140 Model: IP-STF-D215/8/2x ....
R 1,358.38
Ex VAT:R 1,181.20
Item No: FES496916 Stock: In Stock
Festool Auxiliary handle ZG-LHS 225 Order number: FES496916 Model: ZG-LHS 225 ....
R 2,007.67
Ex VAT:R 1,745.80
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